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Scrap Metal Shredder

Scrap Metal Shredder

HX series double axis shredder uses the principle of shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating cutters to crush materials. The cutter of the twin shaft shredder is made of special alloy steel (high-speed steel or tool steel) through special processing technology, which has the characteristics of good wear resistance, high strength, repairability, etc. The tooth cutter has unique design in thickness, tooth shape, arrangement order, etc., and strong shear force, which can improve the shredding efficiency; The drive part is driven by a heavy-duty planetary gear reducer, featuring low speed, high torque, low noise, etc; The powerful rotating shaft of the big angle hexagonal column can be used to input large raw materials at ease; The electrical part is controlled by PLC program and touch screen, and automatically detects overload protection and reversal functions.

Maximum feeding: less than 2000mm
Production capacity: 0.2-100t/h
Performance features: uniform discharge, high tearing efficiency, large output, reliable performance and other advantages, which can be widely used in the waste recycling industry.



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Product Description

This kind of machine designed to shred a wide variety of scrap car body, wheel hub, aluminum cans bale. scrap aluminum alloy door and window offal, scrap non-ferrous metal refining, Tin cans, motor or rotor ,household appliances, bike, etc, By smashing and compressing, the shredder will remove impurities, raise density, lower transporting and smelting cost to offer good furnace-charge for smelting plant.

Scrap Metal Shredder


Whole or flattened car bodies (without tires, fuel/gas tanks, engines & gear boxes)
Tin plate material
Electrical appliances (without motor, compressor, axles)
Bicycles & similar materials
Empty tanks (without liquid materials & painting, etc)
Other scraps suitable for shredding

Scrap Metal Shredder

Working principle of twin shaft shredder

The twin shaft shredder uses two wear-resistant shredding teeth rolls. When working, the two shredding teeth rolls rotate relative to each other to form a V-shaped shredding tooth cavity. The generated shear force is used to crush materials. After the materials enter the gap between the two teeth rolls (V-shaped crushing cavity), they are subject to the shear force of the relative rotation of the two teeth rolls, and the incoming materials are torn and sheared to the required particle size and discharged from the discharge port.

Scrap Metal Shredder

Product advantages

1. The Siemens brand motor is selected as the electric drive, which can withstand long-term operation, and has full power. The warranty can be used safely for up to five years
2. The removable imported movable/stationary blade combination is convenient for replacement. The imported high alloy steel material is installed, and the crushable metal has good wear resistance. After wear, it can be repaired by surfacing welding at room temperature
3. The independent PLC of Siemens and Schneider electrical control systems, the manual and automatic control of rotor direction and hydraulic feeding device, and intelligent programming enable the motor to automatically reverse when overloaded and stop when the machine is idle.
4. The twin shaft reducer adopts the brand planetary reducer, and the coupling is installed. It has the characteristics of small size, large output torque, stable operation, etc. The reducer mounting base and box are processed integrally to ensure convenient installation.

Scrap Metal Shredder

Technical parameters

Model Crushing chamber length (mm) Motor power(KW) Blade diameter(mm) Number of blades Input speed Input shaft diameter(mm) Dimensions(mm)
HX-600 600 11-22KW Φ300 20 12-30r/min Φ150 2800*1400*1900
HX-800 800 17-37KW Φ400 20 12-30r/min Φ180 3700*1540*2200
HX-1000 1000 30-45KW Φ400 25 7-20r/min Φ190 3860*1550*2350
HX-1200 1200 37-55KW Φ450 24 7-20r/min Φ220 4200*1650*2400
HX-1600 1600 55-132KW Φ550 20 7-15r/min Φ260 5500*2360*2830
HX-2000 2000 75-200KW Φ700 40 7-12r/min Φ320 6000*2800*2900

The Importance of Shredding Scrap Metal: Efficiency and Sustainability Unveiled

The accumulation of scrap metal, especially the types commonly managed by Morecambe Metals, often comprises bulky items that pose challenges in their original form during transportation. Take the example of old vehicles - while they occupy significant space, shredding them transforms them into manageable pieces, optimizing transport and handling.

Beyond volume reduction, shredding serves a crucial role in segregating ferrous from non-ferrous metals and other materials like rubber, plastics, and fabrics. The shredder's capabilities, as demonstrated in the video, enable the separation of magnetic from non-magnetic metals and materials. This strategic separation maximizes the value extracted during the scrap metal recycling process.

The Journey of Shredded Scrap Metal

Upon shredding, the metal becomes considerably easier to transport to specialized facilities for further processing. The non-ferrous materials gleaned from the shredding process - encompassing non-ferrous metals, plastics, foam, glass, aggregates, wood, rubber, textiles, and electrical components - are meticulously separated for subsequent recycling endeavors. This diversion from landfills underscores our commitment to sustainability.

The shredded ferrous metals embark on a transformative journey, finding their way to melting facilities equipped with large furnaces. Often, the most effective approach involves exporting these materials to steel mills situated across the globe, capable of efficiently processing the metal. At Morecambe Metals, our collaboration with local ports facilitates the global export of scrap metal, underscoring the wide-ranging impact of our recycling services.

Post-melting, the metal undergoes a purification process to ensure its high quality and absence of contaminants. Electrolysis, a common technique, employs direct electric currents to induce non-spontaneous chemical reactions in the material. Subsequently, the metal is cooled, solidified, and primed for reuse as a raw material in the manufacturing of new products.

Description about Metal Drum Shredder

Introduction: Revolutionizing Metal Waste Management

In an era defined by sustainability and resource optimization, the Metal Drum Shredder takes center stage as a beacon of innovation, redefining metal waste management with its cutting-edge technology, versatile functionalities, and unparalleled advantages. As the world grapples with the challenges of metal waste disposal, this remarkable product emerges as a transformative solution that sets new standards for efficiency and environmental responsibility. Join us as we delve into the attributes, functions, and unmatched benefits of the Metal Drum Shredder, a testament to the power of innovation in reshaping metal waste management.

Attributes that Define Excellence: The Metal Drum Shredder Unveiled

At the heart of the Metal Drum Shredder lies a fusion of engineering brilliance and intelligent design. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this innovative product boasts a range of attributes that set it apart as a game-changer in metal waste management.

Robust Construction: The Metal Drum Shredder stands as a testament to durability, featuring a rugged construction that guarantees longevity and consistent performance. Engineered with high-quality materials, it withstands the rigors of industrial-scale metal shredding, ensuring reliability and optimal operation.

Cutting-edge Technology: Anchored in technological advancement, the Metal Drum Shredder harnesses state-of-the-art technology to deliver exceptional results. Equipped with advanced shredding mechanisms, it efficiently transforms metal drums into manageable pieces, optimizing the recovery of valuable metal resources.

User-friendly Interface: Designed with practicality in mind, the Metal Drum Shredder features an intuitive interface that requires minimal training. Whether you're a waste management professional or an industry veteran, the streamlined operation ensures a seamless user experience.

Customizable Settings: Tailoring the shredding process to specific needs is effortless with the Metal Drum Shredder. Adjustable settings allow operators to control the size and texture of shredded metal pieces, accommodating diverse applications and maximizing resource utilization.

Functions that Redefine Metal Recycling: Unlocking Possibilities

Beyond its impressive attributes, the Metal Drum Shredder boasts functions that transcend traditional metal waste disposal. By blending cutting-edge technology with intelligent design, this product empowers users to engage in metal recycling practices with unparalleled efficiency.

Efficient Metal Drum Shredding: At the core of the Metal Drum Shredder's functions lies its ability to shred metal drums with remarkable efficiency. This process transforms bulky metal waste into manageable fragments, streamlining downstream metal recycling processes.

Versatile Metal Recovery: The Metal Drum Shredder doesn't just shred metal drums—it recovers reusable metal pieces with remarkable versatility. These fragments can be utilized in a wide array of applications, from manufacturing new metal products to feeding secondary metal processing operations.

Eco-friendly Resource Reclamation: By transforming metal drums into reusable metal fragments, the Metal Drum Shredder contributes to eco-friendly resource reclamation. These fragments can be reintegrated into the metal production cycle, reducing the demand for virgin metal resources and minimizing environmental impact.

Waste Volume Reduction: The transformation facilitated by the Metal Drum Shredder significantly reduces the volume of metal waste. This waste volume reduction translates into optimized storage and transportation, leading to cost savings and improved waste management efficiency.

Advantages that Define Excellence: A Sustainable Vision

Embracing the Metal Drum Shredder translates into a host of unparalleled advantages that resonate across industries and environmental contexts. These advantages extend beyond mere functionality, encapsulating a commitment to sustainability, circular economy principles, and responsible resource management.

Metal Waste Mitigation: At the forefront of metal recycling, the Metal Drum Shredder actively contributes to metal waste mitigation. By transforming discarded metal drums into reusable fragments, it diverts metal waste from landfills and reduces the environmental impact of metal extraction.

Resource Conservation: The Metal Drum Shredder champions the conservation of metal resources by reusing discarded metal drums. By repurposing these materials, it minimizes the need for virgin metals, conserving natural resources and promoting sustainability.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Through efficient metal recycling, the Metal Drum Shredder plays a vital role in reducing the carbon footprint associated with metal production. This aligns with global sustainability goals and supports climate change mitigation efforts.

Economic Efficiency: The Metal Drum Shredder introduces an economic dimension to metal waste management. By producing reusable metal fragments, it offers a cost-effective alternative to acquiring new metals, enabling businesses to make environmentally conscious choices while optimizing budgets.