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Plastic Shredder

Plastic Shredder

HX large waste shredder adopts dual motor drive + dual planetary reducer + imported NiCrMo high alloy wear-resistant steel + Schneider Siemens electronic control components, the equipment is stable and durable, low noise and dust, long service life of the blade, surfacing repair, maintenance Low cost, intelligent and safe operation, and can work normally in high temperature dust and open air environment.



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Product description

HX series double-axis shredder uses the principle of shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating cutters to break materials. It is often used in urban domestic waste disposal, resource regeneration, waste incineration pretreatment and other environmental protection fields. The equipment has the characteristics of low rotation speed and large torque, high shearing force, good tearing effect, low noise and good stability.

Product features

Plastic Shredder

1. Imported NiCrMo high alloy steel, wear-resistant and durable, can be repaired by surfacing
2. Split blade, easy to replace.
3.Patented spline bearing pedestal
4.Professional hydraulic system

Technical Parameters

Model HX-4 HX-5 HX-6 HX-7
Power(kw) 37+37 55+55 75+75 90+90/110+110
Chamber box(mm) 1000/1210*800 1210/1510*1000 1500/1800*1200 1800/2025*1400
Thickness(mm) 30/40 10/18/30 20/30 80/100
RPM 5-15 5-15 5-15 5-15
Dimension(mm) 3450*1500*2700 4500*2460*3580 5800*2800*3600 6000*3600*3570


Plastic shredders are widely used to crush various plastic wastes, such as plastic buckets, pvc pipes, plastic films, plastic toys, plastic buckets, aluminum plastic films, plastic trays, plastic trays, ABS mold materials, plastic blocks, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners and other household appliances.

Free Material Testing: Unlocking Cutting-Edge Size Reduction Insights

At PRO-SHREDDER, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of size reduction technology drives us to offer an invaluable opportunity: a complimentary material test. Our state-of-the-art in-house test lab and size reduction facility are at your disposal, empowering both you and our skilled engineers to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies on your materials through trial runs under actual production conditions.

Confidentiality and Expertise at the Core

We recognize the sensitivity of your proprietary information. Rest assured, all data generated during the material test, coupled with our technical analysis, remains strictly confidential between you and PRO-SHREDDER. This approach safeguards your intellectual property while fostering an environment of trust.

Experience the Future of Size Reduction

Join us on this journey to harness cutting-edge advancements in size reduction technology. Contact us today to request your free material test, and unlock insights that could reshape the efficiency and efficacy of your size reduction processes. At PRO-SHREDDER, innovation meets discretion for your competitive advantage.

Plastic Shredder

Factory display

Plastic Shredder

Revolutionizing Plastic Recycling with Advanced Granulators & Shredders

Our expertise in plastic recycling equipment encompasses a diverse spectrum of technologies and machinery tailored to various plastic waste recycling needs. The complexity of the plastics being recycled dictates the specific recycling machines necessary, such as the indispensable plastic granulator. Whether it's a closed-loop recycling system within a factory producing a single product from one resin type and color, or a more intricate setup, PRO-SHREDDER has you covered.

Streamlined Plastic Recycling Solutions

Within a closed-loop recycling system, where scrap material is extracted from a production line, the process can be straightforward. The scrap is taken from the line, fed into a shredder, grinder, or granulator to reduce it to the required size. This resized material is then reintroduced to the start of the production line, either in its pure form or often blended with virgin resins prior to reentering the production process.

Empowering Plastic Shredding

At PRO-SHREDDER, we acknowledge the unique challenges tied to plastic recycling and processing. That's precisely why we've meticulously designed and manufactured an expansive array of plastic shredders. Each shredder is meticulously engineered to cater to a variety of industries grappling with diverse forms of plastic waste. Our plastic shredder solutions optimize performance and efficiency, streamlining plastic waste handling and recycling processes.

Why Opt for PRO-SHREDDER Plastic Shredders?

Our cutting-edge plastic shredder systems come with a host of advantages, positioning them as the premier choice across a multitude of applications:

1. Robust Construction: Crafted from top-tier materials, our plastic shredders boast durability in the face of demanding conditions. This translates to an extended service life and minimal maintenance requirements.

2. Superior Efficiency: Engineered for utmost productivity, our plastic shredder solutions excel at efficiently reducing the size of various plastic materials. This, in turn, facilitates a smoother recycling process.

3. Tailored Solutions: Recognizing the individuality of each application, PRO-SHREDDER offers customizable plastic shredder systems that align precisely with your needs. This ensures not just adequate, but optimal performance and satisfaction.

As pioneers in the realm of plastic recycling equipment, PRO-SHREDDER is dedicated to revolutionizing plastic waste management through innovative granulators and shredders.

Production about Plastic Drum Shredder

Introduction: Redefining Plastic Waste Management

In an age of heightened environmental consciousness, the Plastic Drum Shredder emerges as a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing plastic waste management with its cutting-edge technology, versatile functions, and myriad advantages. By addressing the pressing challenges posed by plastic waste, this exceptional product sets a new standard in sustainable resource utilization. Join us on a journey to explore the attributes, functions, and unmatched benefits of the Plastic Drum Shredder, a game-changer in plastic recycling and waste reduction.

Attributes that Set the Standard: Plastic Drum Shredder in Focus

At the heart of the Plastic Drum Shredder lies a fusion of engineering excellence and intelligent design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this innovative product boasts a range of attributes that redefine plastic waste management.

Robust Construction: The Plastic Drum Shredder stands as a testament to durability, featuring a rugged construction that ensures longevity and consistent performance. Engineered with high-quality materials, it withstands the demands of industrial-scale plastic shredding, making it a valuable asset in waste management operations.

Cutting-edge Technology: Anchored in innovation, the Plastic Drum Shredder harnesses advanced technology to deliver exceptional results. Equipped with state-of-the-art shredding mechanisms, it efficiently transforms plastic drums into reusable granules, optimizing the value extracted from discarded plastics.

User-friendly Interface: Designed for practicality, the Plastic Drum Shredder boasts an intuitive interface that requires minimal training. Whether you're an environmental professional or a waste management expert, the streamlined operation ensures a seamless experience.

Customizable Settings: Tailoring the shredding process to specific requirements is effortless with the Plastic Drum Shredder. Adjustable settings allow operators to control granule size, accommodating diverse applications and contributing to resource optimization.

Functions that Redefine Plastic Recycling: Unleashing Potential

Beyond its impressive attributes, the Plastic Drum Shredder boasts functions that extend the boundaries of plastic waste management. By blending cutting-edge technology with intelligent design, this product empowers operators to engage in plastic recycling practices with unparalleled efficiency.

Efficient Plastic Drum Shredding: At the core of the Plastic Drum Shredder's functions is its ability to shred plastic drums with exceptional efficiency. This process transforms bulky plastic waste into manageable granules, streamlining downstream recycling processes.

Versatile Granule Production: The Plastic Drum Shredder doesn't just shred plastic drums—it produces reusable granules with remarkable versatility. These granules can be utilized in various applications, from manufacturing new plastic products to generating energy through waste-to-energy processes.

Eco-friendly Material Reuse: By transforming plastic drums into reusable granules, the Plastic Drum Shredder contributes to eco-friendly material reuse. These granules can serve as feedstock for plastic production, reducing the demand for virgin plastics and minimizing environmental impact.

Waste Volume Reduction: The transformation facilitated by the Plastic Drum Shredder significantly reduces the volume of plastic waste. This waste volume reduction leads to optimized storage and transportation, translating into cost savings and improved waste management efficiency.

Advantages that Shape Progress: A Sustainable Vision

The Plastic Drum Shredder isn't just a machine; it's a catalyst for change that embodies a host of advantages that resonate across industries and environmental contexts. These advantages extend beyond functional aspects, encapsulating a commitment to sustainability, circular economy principles, and responsible resource management.

Plastic Waste Mitigation: As a focal point of plastic recycling, the Plastic Drum Shredder actively contributes to plastic waste mitigation. By transforming discarded plastic drums into reusable granules, it helps prevent plastic waste from entering landfills or polluting natural environments.

Resource Conservation: The Plastic Drum Shredder champions the conservation of resources by diverting plastic waste from traditional disposal methods. It repurposes plastic drums, minimizing the need for virgin plastics and conserving non-renewable resources.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Through efficient plastic recycling, the Plastic Drum Shredder aids in reducing the carbon footprint associated with plastic production. This aligns with global sustainability goals and climate change mitigation efforts.

Economic Efficiency: The Plastic Drum Shredder introduces an economic dimension to plastic waste management. By producing reusable granules, it offers a cost-effective alternative to raw material acquisition, enabling businesses to make environmentally conscious choices.